Patients - Diabetes type 2

We are looking for diabetes type 2 patients for a future research project.

Stay informed of all the upcoming details by opening your file today.

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  • Sexmen and women
  • Age18- years old
  • BMIFrom 18.5
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Study details

We are looking for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for a future clinical research project.

Fill out the form, and our recruitment department will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact our recruitment centre at 1 866 262-7427 for updated information.

Please complete the form below to determine if you meet the pre-eligibility criteria. Once this form has been successfully completed, our recruitment centre will contact you to review your medical history and, if applicable, schedule a medical assessment appointment. The dates listed above and the amount of compensation are subject to change.


Am I eligible?

Syneos Health conducts clinical studies with the participation of hundreds of volunteers every year. To be eligible for one of our studies, you must be at least 18 years old.

In addition, you must meet certain conditions defined in the research protocol, such as gender, age, weight, medical history, type of medication, etc. For each study, you will be asked to undergo a comprehensive medical examination which will take place at our clinic.

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