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Date Study number Visite Visit Hours Activities Clinical room Door
23-MAY-2022 200236-08 Day 46 07h00-09h00 Blood draw 1 West Entrance
23-MAY-2022 200242-05B Day 60 + FU 06h30-08h00 Blood draw, Urine, Vital signs, ECG, Physical exam 1 West Entrance
23-MAY-2022 210278-09 Day -1 06h00 Day -1 4 West Entrance
23-MAY-2022 210278-OGTT Glucose challenge 06h00 Glucose challenge 4 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 210278-06 Day 29 06h00 Day 29 4 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 210278-07 Day 15 06h00 Day 15 4 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 210278-08 Day 8 06h00 Day 8 4 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 210278-09 Day 1 06h00 Day 1 4 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 200242-07B Day -1 AM 06h15-07h30 Blood draw, Urine, Covid test 1 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 200242-07B Check in 16h00 Blood draw, Urine, Covid Test, Vital signs, Physical exam 4 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 200242-07A Day 5 06h30-08h00 Blood draw, Urine, Vital signs, ECG 1 West Entrance
24-MAY-2022 210467-01B Day 8 07h00-09h00 Blood draw, Urine, Vital signs, ECG, Physical exam 1 West Entrance
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Clinic address

Parc technologique du Québec métropolitain 2500, rue Einstein Québec (Québec) G1P 0A2

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Phone (free call)

1 418 527-3476

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Opening hours of our call center:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm

Sunday: Closed

*Holiday Schedule
December 24 -27, closed
Dec 28 -30 open, 9H00 AM – 06H00 PM
December 31 – January 03, closed

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